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Driven Civil Litigation And Dispute Representation

Last updated on February 27, 2024

When a dispute between two parties reaches a point where a resolution is not possible without legal intervention, you need to be sure that you are protecting your best interests throughout the next steps. Civil litigation can seem like something you can take on by yourself, but you need to be sure you have skilled and experienced representation you can count on.

At Ecton & Shannon, PLLC, in Richmond, our attorney represents clients in court and in trial — as well as respondents in all civil post-trial matters — at the Kentucky and federal levels. Attorney Walter G. Ecton Jr. has also resolved a significant number of appeal matters.

Helping You Resolve A Variety Of Disputes

Our lawyer has more than 45 years of experience in these matters, and can help you resolve disputes involving issues such as:

We are committed to pursuing justice and accountability in these disputes to hold liable parties responsible. We understand how the trial process works, how to support your case with vital legal research, and what is needed to present a winning argument.

Skilled Guidance Through Every Step Of the Legal Process

No matter how minor your dispute may seem, it is common for these problems to escalate and require costly legal actions to resolve the matter, including going before a judge in court. Facing litigation can be stressful. You likely have not faced a dispute of this magnitude before and the process ahead of you may feel unfamiliar and challenging.

Regardless of your case’s complexity, you can depend on us to remain by your side through every step of the legal process. Our lawyer offers the personal attention and extensive experience you need when facing civil litigation or an appeal. We seek justice and accountability when fighting on your behalf.

Get The Legal Representation You Deserve

To speak with us about a civil legal dispute and how we can help you, we welcome you to contact Ecton & Shannon. Call our office in Richmond at 859-535-0098.